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05 July 2016 @ 09:15 pm

In no particular order because I can't remember the order:

6. Joel Chandler Harris Uncle Remus and Brer Rabbit
7. Henry D. Thoreau Cape Code
8. Asimov's Science Fiction March 2016
9. Asimov's Science Fiction April/May 2016
10. Asimov's Science Fiction June 2016
11. Asimov's Science Fiction July 2016
12. Constance Noyes Robertson Oneida Community The Breakup, 1876-1881
13. Ray Bradbury Green Shadows, White Whale
14. Terry Pratchett The Shepherd's Crown
15. Christopher Moore Secondhand Souls
16. Rudyard Kipling The Phantom Rickshaw and Other Ghost Stories
17. Jack London Call of the Wild
18. Mark Twain Christian Science
19. Charles Dickens The Pickwick Papers
20. Herman Melville Moby Dick

I think that may be all of them, or I could have forgotten some.